Research Project

Creation of Outdoor Sculpture (Developed)

Faculty Mentor

Sean Derry

What is your research?

This summer, I am working on creating an outdoor sculptural piece to be installed in a public area within my hometown. My most recent work has been centered around creating public sculptures that demonstrate the consequences of society's interactions with the environment. The sculpture that I am creating is focused on the impact large scale housing developments have on the surrounding ecosystems and the perception of these changes. The piece will use contrasting forms and mechanical joining to visually juxtapose the natural and built world as well as show how certain materials may have multiple uses and connotations. This work will be made from aluminum pieces that are mechanically fastened together. In addition to serving as a sculpture, this structure will also have a functional aspect by including a bench seat. This research will dig deeper into current environmental issues and how I can portray my ideas about them to the public.

Why is it important?

This research is important as it investigates how to effectively communicate ideas using visual means and how viewers respond to these efforts. It also promotes awareness of the impact that each of us have on the environment and what the effects of our interactions with the natural world have. By creating public sculpture, I am able to showcase the various applications art can have and how it can be used as a tool to inspire personal reflection and encourage positive change. Additionally, this research has significance to the community and larger environmental issues. This work allows me to better hone my ability to connect with my audience and explore the use of different materials in my work.

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