Research Project

Diatomite, a Versatile Material for Wastewater Treatment

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Maicaneanu

What is your research?

This study proposes a review of diatomite applications, as low cost and environmentally friendly material, in wastewater treatment. Diatomite is a siliceous natural rock, composed mainly by skeletal remains of silica microfossils of dead diatoms, radiolaria, and sponges. Diatomite's high porosity and the presence of -OH groups on its surface, makes it an ideal adsorbent material. Original results obtained for a pennate frustules type diatomite in removal of heavy metals, ammonia, and dyes from aqueous solutions as well as literature review on the topic will be covered.

Why is it important?

Diatomite is a very cheap resource, and it's very efficient in filtering. These qualities make diatomite a great component in treating wastewater. This can help make wastewater treatment plants more environmentally friendly by removing heavy metals, ammonia, and dyes from water by simply implementing diatomite into their treatment processes.

Ashlee Brady Ashlee Brady working in the lab Ashlee Brady's research