Research Project

Developing A Framework For Technology-Enhanced Mathematics Instruction

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Sharp

What is your research?

My research will look at instructional sequences that teachers develop using GeoGebra for a project in a mathematics technology course. I will try to identify the efficient and inefficient ways that teachers constructed their learning sequences. I will use this data to develop a framework that will enable teachers to develop lessons that take full advantage of interactive technologies.

Why is it important?

Technology has transformed how mathematics is taught. According to Principles to Actions (NCTM 2014), "an excellent mathematics program integrates the use of mathematical tools and technology as essential resources to help students learn and make sense of mathematical ideas, reason mathematically, and communicate their mathematical thinking."

Software like GeoGebra and Mathematica enables students to explore mathematical concepts dynamically. However, many teachers have difficulty constructing lessons that take full advantage of the technologies.

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