Research Project

Aquarium Water Chemistry, Treatment, and Engineering Advancement

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Hao Tang

What is your research?

I am currently writing a critical review paper with Dr. Hao Tang of the chemistry department. In this paper, we've discussed water quality parameters, such as turbidity, alkalinity, and dissolved solids, as well as active and passive operational parameters associated with aquariums, such as bottom substrates, water sources, and hydraulic retention time. Aquarium keeping has been recorded to over 1500 years ago, and we've observed a rising interest in fish keeping and aquarium publications in today's time. Thus, it is necessary to identify and explore these conventional and recent methods of water quality treatment and aquacultural engineering to provide recommendations as to where scientists should further their research in aquariums to help mitigate issues such as eutrophication, pH balance, and chlorination. While this paper focuses on aquariums directly, many of the techniques discussed within this paper can be applied to multidisciplinary areas, such as fisheries, wastewater treatment plants, the plastic industry, and medical/pharmaceutical advancements, allowing for our society to reduce our water footprint.

Why is it important?

With aquarium use increasing as dcor in areas such as malls, businesses, and homes, it is important to study how to maintain fish welfare, water quality, and the aesthetic of the tank. Because aquariums are their own system rich with bacteria and a complex water chemistry, they can be utilized as pilot studies for specific water quality conditions of other systems. Water is a precious resource, thus is it important to be able to manage it wisely and sustainably. This paper will assist aquarium development and the scientific community by:

  1. Educating aquarium owners about their water quality conditions that can be controlled through compartmentalization and other chemical dosing techniques
  2. Highlighting advancements in aquarium engineering and suggesting areas for further research
  3. Discussing the application of engineering techniques towards maintaining aquariums and how they can be applied to other areas of development in aquacultural and non-aquacultural environments
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