2008 Sponsored Programs Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research

Dr. John A. Anderson

Department of Sociology

College of Humanitiesand Social Sciences

John Anderson accepting award

Pictured above, from left, are Mr. Mark Berezansky, Dr. John Eck, Dr. John Anderson, Dr. Tony Atwater, and Dr. David Werner.

Dr. John Anderson is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology and currently serves as the department's director of the Administration and Leadership Studies Research and Training Center, as well as the coordinator of the doctoral program in Administration and Leadership Studies at IUP. He has been with IUP since August 2004. Before coming to IUP, he worked with the Educational Resources Group (PASSHE) as the executive director for Grants and Research, the Pennsylvania Transportation Institute (PSU) as the research associate and center director, andbefore that was the director of Technology Transfer for the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of New Hampshire. His diverse research background has allowed him to securemore than$15 million in sponsored research during his academic career.

Dr. Anderson has authored or coauthoredtwenty-five professional publications and research reports and participates on a wide range of academic and professional committees, including the Pennsylvania Quality Initiative Steering and Training Committee and multiple FHWA Task Force committees. Communitycommitment is evident with ongoing research on strategy and methods advisement, data analysis, and data interpretation for the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and the ongoing Administration and Leadership advisement, planning, and assessment forthe PennsylvaniaAssociation ofBoroughs. He also serves as a consultant with theHiram G. Andrews Center for Assistive and Rehabilitative Technology.

His dedication to academics and student learning is evident with his efforts on the ALS Doctoral Advisory Committee, the ALS Dissertation Workshopparticipation, and IUP's Department of Sociology Outcomes Assessment Committee.