Sponsored Programs Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Curriculum and Instruction

Act 101 Program
Faculty and Staff of the Learning Enhancement Center

The Act 101 Program was created as a result of the Pennsylvania Higher Education Equal Opportunity Act 101 in 1971 by the legislature of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania . The Higher Education Equal Opportunity Act (Act 101) provides financial assistance to post secondary institutions for serving students who are economically and educationally disadvantaged. Students identified as eligible for Act 101 support receive the Learning Enhancement Center 's first year program of courses, developmental advising, and academic support. Act 101 is designed to supplement and enhance institutional funding offered to disadvantaged students.

There are about 80 colleges and universities in Pennsylvania who currently receive Act 101 funding. IUP's program was one of the first to be funded (1971) and enjoys a reputation for its quality, size, and centralized, comprehensive model. The Learning Enhancement Center has consistently received high ratings on its annual Act 101 proposala proposal which has become the backbone of the first year program delivered to all LEC admits and the springboard for the many of the Centers programs and services for all IUP students.

The Act 101 Program of the Learning Enhancement Center is currently directed by Dr. Carmy Carranza. Recognition is also due to the talented staff and faculty of the Center:

Susan Allshouse
Cassandra Green
Dr. Arden Hamer
Paul Hrabovsky
Dr. Melvin Jenkins
Crawford Johnson
Dr. Sally Lipsky
Rose Marie Rearick
Dr. Catherine Stephenson
Carol Tannous
Stacey Winstead