2004 Outstanding Graduate Student Research Awards

Ms. Hilary Batzel
Department of Art
The Imprint of Origin
Ms. Patricia Villalobos-Echererra, Advisor

Dr. Galina Kitchens
Department of Psychology
Positive Illusions and Psychological Well-Being in Ukraine
Dr. Krys Kaniasty, Advisor

Dr. Reka Meray
Department of English
Using Think-aloud Protocols to Investigate the Reading Revision Process of Native and Nonnative Speakers of English
Dr. Carole Bencich, Advisor

Dr. Richard VanVoorhis
Department of Educational and School Psychology
Job Satisfaction of School Psychologists: A Meta-Analysis
Dr. Edward Levinson, Advisor

Ms. Laura Webb
Department of Adult and Community Education
Women, Creativity, and Collaboration: Learning and Community in the Zona Rosa Writer's Workshop
Dr. Gary Dean, Advisor