2004 Sponsored Programs Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research

Dr. Michael Kesner
Professor, Department of Biology

Dr. Alicia V. Linzey
Professor, Department of Biology
Interim Vice Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies

The research team of Dr. Michael Kesner and Dr. Alicia Linzey has produced numerous joint research projects, publications and presentations since the late 1980's. As faculty colleagues in the Department of Biology, Drs. Kesner and Linzey have collaborated on research projects focusing on population ecology, mammal communities, animal habitats and habitat disturbance, and geographic distributions of species. In addition to the variety of species and habitats they study, their research projects have taken them to many different locations in Africa and Pennsylvania . Along the way they have mentored and involved student researchers, have chaired or served on graduate theses committees, have provided international research and teaching opportunities for colleagues, and have developed instructional tools and materials to advance the teaching of science.

Their research and scholarship has received numerous external awards in the form of grants and fellowships. Both are Fulbright Scholars (Kesner in 1999-2000 and Linzey in 1992-1993) and they were one of just 24 awardees from a field of 550 proposals for a Fulbright Alumni Initiatives Award in academic year 2000-2001. They have each received numerous research awards from the State System of Higher Education and from IUP. A recent initiative of Dr. Linzey is that of the Pennsylvania Important Mammals Project , funded by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Wild Resource Conservation Fund, which is intended to serve as a national model for other areas in the United States .