Title:      Mental Wellness and the Impact on Employee Safety

Overview:  Jason Malatak, CSP, MBA, Director of Risk Management, Mosites Construction Company will host the webinar.  This webinar will focus on the impact employee mental wellness has on employee behaviors; both positive and negative; on the jobsite.  It takes the Behavior Based Safety approach to a more detailed level, identifying emotions and attitudes, and the direct impact they have on worker safety.  Our investigations indicate that over 90% of employees’ injuries, poor workmanship and absenteeism are due to negative emotions.  Employees were not focused on the task at hand.

Mr. Malatak is a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania where he received a bachelor’s in safety science.  Jason completed his master’s in business administration in 2004, focusing on enterprise risk management and business leadership.  He is a Certified Safety Professional through the BCSP.  Jason also sits on the AGC’s Safety Committee, the Master Builders Safety Committee, the Constructors Association of Western PA Risk Management Committee as well as being a current member of the Western PA ASSP chapter for over 20 years.