Title:  Safety and Health Program Assessment Worksheet: Effective Interventions for Injury Prevention 


Overview:  Dr. John Mulroy, CSP, of the PA OSHA Consultation Program, will host the webinar.  This webinar was developed to help small employers in any industry target their limited resources for effective injury and illness prevention. The webinar will discuss the OSHA Consultation process for measuring a small business’s OHSMS, and based on recent OHSMS-related research, how proactive safety committees can conduct strategic, statistically significant workplace audits and inspections each month to measurably reduce OSHA total recordable and lost workday cases.  

Dr. Mulroy is a board-certified safety professional with 24 years of professional safety and health experience in heavy manufacturing, construction, academia, fossil and renewable power generation, and the program director of the IUP PA OSHA Consultation program.

December 2021 Webinar PowerPoint