John FausoldThe Fausold Family Collection documents many aspects of family life in western Pennsylvania.

Special thanks must go to Martin L. Fausold for his tremendous efforts in pursuing the creation of the Fausold Family Collection and the Fausold Alcove on the third floor of the Stapleton Library at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and for his assistance in creating this website.

None of this would have happened with his persistence and inspiration. Fausold was a Distinguished Service Professor and professor emeritus of history at the State University of New York in Geneseo. Martin L. Houser scanned the Fausold Familyphotographs.

The John and Samuel Fausold Family Alcove

The John and Samuel Fausold Alcove was dedicated on Saturday, October 21, 1995, on the third floor of Stapleton Library at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The photograph below shows (left to right) Dr. Larry K. Pettit, president of Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Dr. Martin L. Fausold; and Dr. Larry Kroah, director of IUP Libraries. The paintings of Dr. Samuel Fausold (1888-1948) and his grandfather, the Honorable John Fausold (1808-84), are in the background. The portraits and the Fausold Family Endowment were presented by Dr. Martin L. Fausold.

Fausold Alcove