September 30, 2010

3:30 p.m.
Stabley 101

Present: Y. Asamoah, E.Hwang, D. Pistole, F. Slack, M. Swinker, T. Wacker, G. Wilson

Excused: M. Taddie, M. Hildebrandt

For Information:
  1. We still need 3 new student representatives for the LSC this fall.
  2. D. Pistole met with Dr. Okey on Monday 20 September to discuss his views on synthesis associated with his new synthesis course SYN-158 LBST 499 Environments on the Edge - Appalachia and Beyond and feels that he answered all of the committees questions to his satisfaction.
  3. Dr. Knoch from the Biology Department will be the new NSM representative.
For Action:
  1. Wacker/Wilson motion to approve the minutes of 16 September, 2010. Passed. 7/0/0.
  2. Wilson/Wacker motion to approve the revised ST-4 LBST 281 Green Marketing for the 21st Century course. Passed. 5/0/0.
  3. Wacker/Hwang motion to approve the revised SYN-159 LBST 499 On the Road to Santiago - A Medieval Pilgrimage Across Northern Spain course. Passed. 5/0/0.
  4. Wilson/Asamoah motion to approve the Liberal Studies program revision as corrected for Child Development and Family Relations. Passed. 7/0/0.

For Discussion:
  1. LBST 281 courses are passed on to UWUCC and the senate for information because they can count as a Liberal Studies Elective.
  2. The transfer proposal from Mike Husenits was discussed and we will relay our thoughts to him at next week's meeting when he is in attendance.

Motion to adjourn: Asamoah/Swinker - Passed Unanimous.

The meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm.