March 31, 2011

3:30 p.m.
Stabley 101

Present: Y. Asamoah, M. Florez, M. Hildebrandt, M. Knoch, D. Pistole, F. Slack, J. Su, M. Swinker , T. Wacker

Excused: J. Domaracki, J. Tomlinson


  1. Motion to approve minutes of 24 March, 2011: Knoch/Florez - Passed: Unanimous.
Program or Course Revisions:
  1. Swinker/Su motion to approve the revised BA Music/Composition Track and BA Music/General Studies Track and the revised BFA Music Performance proposals. Passed: Unanimous.

  1. Wacker/Su motion to approve Tracey Cekada to teach LBST 499 Safe Living: A Challenge to Modern Society - Passed: 8/0/0.
  2. The committee then discussed more implementation issues.
    1. We support the implementation of the new curriculum in Fall 2012.
    2. The main courses that would need to be ready are English Composition I, History, Fine Arts, and Dimensions of Wellness.
    3. Continued discussion of fast track mechanisms for curriculum and course revisions. M. Swinker will try to find the template that was used in the previous revision. We will also explore making new templates.
  3. The LS office has completed a spreadsheet with all of the LS courses and how often they have been offered in the past five years to serve as a base for future discussions.
  4. Technological Literacy criteria change - Swinker/Hildebrandt motion to change the wording to add the phrase statistical software to the following sentence: “related to the use of statistical software, productivity software*, or technological devices…”. Passed: Unanimous

Motion to Adjourn: Wacker/Swinker. Passed: Unanimous. The meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm.