April 21, 2011

3:30 p.m.
101 Stabley

Present: J. Domaracki, M. Florez, M. Hildebrandt, M. Knoch, D. Pistole, J. Su, F. Slack

Excused: Y. Asamoah, M. Swinker, J. Tomlinson, T. Wacker

For Action:

1. Motion to approve minutes of 14 April, 2011: Su/Knoch - Passed: Unanimous.

Program or Course Revisions:

The program revision in Athletic Training that requires HPED/FDNT/NURS 143 and excludes military experience and courses was discussed in detail. To summarize ½ hour of discussion - the committee understands that they feel they are doing what any department on campus can do to require a particular course in one of the liberal studies categories. However, this category is very different than every other category in the Liberal Studies curriculum in that it credits members of our armed services for their service.

A Domaracki/Su motion was made to approve the Liberal Studies portion of the Athletic Training program revision. It did not pass 1/1/5. We will pass on our concerns (and the proposal) to the UWUCC.


1. Pistole reported that he talked with the registrar's office about getting information into the
catalog. The latest date for material to be in the catalog is the final senate meeting of the
academic year. This means we will have almost the entire academic year to get any revisions completed.

2. Pistole reported that he has received Petitions for an Exception to a Liberal Studies Category
forms that are requesting a waiver of the synthesis requirement. The committee discussed
the issue and felt that the forms should be returned without signing as the Liberal Studies
Office does not have the authority to waive requirements.

3. We fine tuned the plan and Domaracki and Pistole will fine tune the guidelines and pass both
onto the UWUCC by 4/22/11. The plan follows:

Plan for implementation of the new curriculum
Implementation date: LSC, UWUCC and the Senate approved motions for Fall 2012

1. All current liberal studies courses listed in the 2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog on pages
37-40 will be grandfathered into the new curriculum.

2. Beginning in the fall 2012 semester, LBST 499 Senior Synthesis Courses and the 4 credit ENGL
101 College Writing course will no longer be offered.

3. There will be a three year phase-in to revise Liberal Studies courses. Courses in these areas that
have not been approved by the last senate meeting of the academic year will not be included
in the Liberal Studies Curriculum.
Academic Year 2011-2012 Year 1 - Knowledge areas including:
English Composition; Mathematics; Humanities; Fine Arts; Natural
Science (both options); Social Science; and Health and Wellness.
Academic Year 2012-2013 Year 2 - Liberal Studies Electives
Academic Year 2013-2014 Year 3 - Non-Western

4. All Writing Across the Curriculum Courses (Writing Intensive or W) and W professors will be
reviewed for inclusion in the new Liberal Studies curriculum during the 2011-12 academic
year. The 25 student limit in a W section is still recommended in the new curriculum.

5. Departmental/programmatic curricular revisions for reassignment of Liberal Studies credits must
be done before the last UWUCC/Senate meeting of the academic year 2011-2012.

7. Guidelines for the migration from the old Liberal Studies curriculum to the new Liberal Studies
curriculum for faculty, advisors, and students will be available in the 2011-2012 academic year.

8. Implementation workshops for faculty, advisors, students, and departmental and college
curriculum committees will be held throughout the 2011-12 academic year.

Motion to adjourn: Hildebrandt/Florez - passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00pm.