March 24, 2011

3:30 p.m.
Stabley 101

Present: M. Florez, M. Hildebrandt, D. Pistole, , F. Slack, J. Su, J. Tomlinson, T. Wacker

Excused: Y. Asamoah, J. Domaracki, M. Knoch, M. Swinker

  1. Welcome to our newest member Jess Tomlinson.
For Action:

  1. Motion to approve minutes of 17 February, 2011: Su/Wacker - Passed: Unanimous.
  2. Program or Course Revisions:

    BA Music/Composition Track and BA Music/General Studies Track - Florez/Tomlinson motion to approve the liberal studies portion of the proposal. Passed: Unanimous.

    BFA Music Performance Su/Florez motion to approve with minor revisions (correct total Liberal Studies hours from 47 to 48-50) the liberal studies portion of the proposal. Passed: Unanimous.

  1. The committee discussed the results of the Senate's approval of the compromise curriculum.
  2. The committee then discussed implementation issues.
    1. three year phase in of revised and new courses seems best.
    2. guidelines for each year of the phase in were discussed.
    3. thoughts on implementing course revisions.
      1. coverage area - more than one area.
      2. number of courses offered by a department.
      3. how often the course is offered.
      4. enrollment - larger done earlier in process?.
    4. thoughts on departmental curriculum revisions.
      1. work with council of chairs.
  3. The LS office will make a spreadsheet with all of the LS courses and how often they have been offered in the past five years to serve as a base for future discussions.
  4. Social Science criteria - Hildebrandt/Wacker motion to change the wording back to “no course prefix may be used more than once”. Reasoning - the compromise curriculum has liberal studies electives which the previous “new” curriculum did not. The language of allowing more than one prefix was based on a department needing to count a prefix more than once if there were no liberal studies electives. That reason no longer exists.
  5. We will discuss the Technological Literacy criteria at next week's meeting.

    Motion to Adjourn: Tomlinson/Florez/. Passed: Unanimous. The meeting adjourned at 4:33 pm.