iWiki Service to be Updated Thursday, Dec.17

There will be an update to the iWiki service during the Thursday morning maintenance window on December 17, 2020. There will be slight changes to the look and feel of the service.


Cyber Security: Fake Updates Alert

Globally, there has been a rise in fake software update attacks targeting educational institutions. These fake software update messages try to trick users into downloading and installing malware onto their computers. You must stay vigilant while browsing the internet and clicking links in email.


Cyber Security Awareness Month: Beware of Job Scams

When using your IUP email, you may come across suspicious messages. Some of these messages can be job scams. These job offers seem too good to be true. The jobs often have no interview or required skills and advertise low hours with high pay. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Cyber Security Awareness Month: Protecting Passwords

Passwords, when used correctly, are an extremely simple and effective way to protect your account and data from unauthorized access. Even when learning and working remotely, we need to continue to use good password practices.

Cyber Security Awareness Month: Social Engineering

One of the greatest risks remote users will face is social engineering attacks. Social engineering is a psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging personal information. These attacks are made easier during a time of change and confusion such as COVID-19 when learning and working remotely has become the norm. Here are noticeable signs of social engineering and phishing.

Cyber Security Awareness Month: Working Remotely

While we work online from home during these uncertain times, you should follow these tips in order to have a safe online experience. Be sure you familiarize yourself with Zoom security features.

Banner Maintenance Set for Saturday, October 10

On Saturday, October 10, 2020, IT Services must complete Banner maintenance. Please review these services and their availability during this maintenance. 


Balint and Grieggs Present on Creating, Maintaining Sustainable IT Security Programs

IUP Chief Information Officer Bill Balint and Executive Director of IT Security Paul Grieggs will present virtually on “It's Not a Project! Creating and Maintaining a Sustainable IT Security Program” at the Health, Safety, Security, and Environment Conference and Exhibition, sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago.

Mailing List Updates

On Thursday, September 17, IT Services will complete updates to the UNIV mailing list service. Once this maintenance is complete, you will need to send to when using these lists. Sending to or will no longer work.

Retention Period on MS Teams Personal Chats

As per IUP’s Microsoft Teams support page, MS Teams spaces are subject to deletion after at least one year of inactivity. This would include the entire team space, including member posts (which are referred to as “channel messages” in some reference materials), files, channels, etc. 

Balint Presenting on IUP's IT Response to COVID-19 at CIO Visions Virtual Summit

IUP chief information officer Bill Balint will present on “Big Crisis, Little Crisis: Moving a 145-Year Old University Online in a Week” at the upcoming CIO Visions Virtual Leadership Summit.

Internet Maintenance Scheduled for Saturday, September 5

IT Services will be completing maintenance on the IUP internet connection on Saturday, September 5, 2020, from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. IUP internet connectivity will be unstable and occasionally unavailable during this time.


Cybersecurity and COVID-19

Cybercriminals ramped up phishing attacks over 667 percent in the month of March alone, and these attacks continue to rise. Cybercriminals are using emails and social media posts to prey on fears and unanswered questions about COVID-19. Here is how to stay protected from phishing and other cyber threats.


Software Titles to be Discontinued

This is a reminder that the Respondus, Nvivo, and DropBox software applications will be discontinued over the next 12 months.

Microsoft Teams Information Sessions

IT Services is  excited to present three Microsoft Teams General Overview sessions. These sessions will be offered via Zoom, and you will need to preregister.


Introducing Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based collaboration application that is part of the Office 365 suite that is now available to all IUP faculty, staff, and students.

Securing your Zoom Meetings

Attackers are attempting to take advantage of Zoom’s increasing user base due to the COVID 19 outbreak. As the coronavirus forces many users onto videoconferencing platforms, institutions can take small but important steps to ensure effective use and communication.

New VPN on Standard ITS Machines: Employees Only

IT Services has changed the settings for VPN on our standard laptops and desktops. These systems will now have two VPN connections available to use when connecting from an off-campus, non-IUP network, allowing users to invoke a VPN connection before logging in to these systems.


Introducing the New Virtual IT Support Center

The Virtual IT Support Center is a Zoom-based offering where the university community can connect via a Zoom meeting to get support via virtual face-to-face conferencing. The hours for the Virtual IT Support Center will run from 8:00 a.m.–noon and 1:00–4:30 p.m. daily and can be accessed online.

Students, Prepare for Online Instruction: Not Urgent, but Action Required and Time Sensitive

In preparation for IUP moving all instruction to online modalities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IT Support Center has created a resource page for IUP students to help them prepare before Monday, March 23, to ensure a successful experience with remote learning.

Employees: Zoom Question and Answer Open Sessions to Prepare for Remote Meetings

In preparation for employees having access to appropriate technologies as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IT Support Center has created a resource page for IUP employees to help them prepare as much as possible for social distancing while still ensuring successful experience with IUP technologies.

Notice: Watch Out for Coronavirus Scams

Scammers are taking advantage of the fear and uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 Coronavirus. Here are things to be aware of.

Reboot Your Knowledge of IUP's Tech on March 18

Check out the Technology Expo in Folger Hall on Wednesday, March 18, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Learn about the many technology resources that are available to all students and employees.


IUP Transitioning to Microsoft Stream (Streaming Video Service)

As per planning discussions at the Academic Computing Policy Advisory Council (ACPAC), IUP will be transitioning to Microsoft Stream (streaming video service) during the spring 2020 semester. Microsoft Stream will replace itube (Kaltura) for streaming and sharing of video content.

IT Services Personnel Present at Pennsylvania Banner Group Conference

More than 20 IUP employees attended the event in Harrisburg on November 24–26, 2019, including senior systems analyst Doug Rutledge as PABUG secretary. IUP employees took part in eight sessions, second-most among the 22 presenting institutions.

Banner Maintenance on Saturday, January 11

On Saturday, January 11, 2020, IT Services must complete Banner maintenance. Please review these services and their availability during this maintenance.