Cyber Security Awareness Month: Beware of Job Scams

Posted on 10/27/20 12:44 PM

When using your IUP email, you may come across suspicious messages. Some of these messages can be job scams. These job offers seem too good to be true. The jobs often have no interview or required skills and advertise low hours with high pay. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. These job scams include pet sitting, buying gift cards, processing payments, making purchases, shipping items, etc.

It is important to be vigilant when using IUP email. Do not respond to these offers. If you receive an email that contains one or more of the above characteristics, please forward the message as an attachment to

Noticeable signs of a job scam email include the following:

  • Does not give the employer contact informationtitle of person sending the email, company address, phone number, etc.
  • Comes from an email address that doesn't match the company name.
  • Offers to pay a large amount for almost no work.
  • Emails sent to your IUP account and ask you to correspond using your personal email account or via mobile text messaging.
  • Sends you an unexpectedly large check and asks for a smaller amount back.
  • Asks you to pay a fee before they offer to send you money.
  • Wants you to transfer money from one account to another.
  • Says you must send payment by wire service or courier.
  • Asks you to:
    • Send a certified check.
    • Give your credit card or bank account numbers.
    • Print checks.
    • Purchase and ship items.
    • To obtain gift cards.
    • Send copies of personal documents.

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