Cyber Security: Fake Updates Alert

Posted on 11/6/20 7:32 PM

Globally, there has been a rise in fake software update attacks targeting educational institutions. These fake software update messages try to trick users into downloading and installing malware onto their computers. The messages will often pop up in a web browser window while actively browsing the internet or right after clicking on a link in an email.

While there are cases where legitimate software will prompt you to update, these fake update messages will appear in a web browser window. They will have a sense of urgency and often contain a flashy button for you to click. The URL in the browser window is often a random site that tries to mimic a known software vendor or product name. A current variant of this attack prompts users to download and install a fake update for Microsoft Teams.

You must stay vigilant while browsing the internet and clicking links in email. If you encounter one of these update web pages, do not click anywhere on the page, and close all your web browser windows. If you click on one of these fake updates by accident or are unsure of an update's legitimacy, please contact the IT Support Center for assistance.