IUP Transitioning to Microsoft Stream (Streaming Video Service)

Posted on 1/16/20 4:33 PM

As per planning discussions at the Academic Computing Policy Advisory Council (ACPAC), IUP will be transitioning to Microsoft Stream (streaming video service) during the spring 2020 semester. Microsoft Stream will replace itube (Kaltura) for streaming and sharing of video content, and it can be accessed from users' Office 365 accounts via http://office.iup.edu.itube will no longer be accessible after the spring 2020 semester.

To facilitate the migration from itube to Microsoft Stream, IT Services will download all existing content from the Kaltura servers to a secure folder for each user. Users can then review the content in their folder. If content needs to be saved for sharing with other IUP users, the user can upload the content to Microsoft Stream. Instructions on uploading video content to Microsoft Stream will be provided via email to each user later this month.

Please note that content streamed from Microsoft Stream can only be accessed by those with an IUP account. If video content must be available to non-IUP users, other alternatives will need to be used (such as YouTube). IT Services can be a support resource as needed for such circumstances.