For those who are trying to get the best out of IUP's wireless network on campus, there are several steps you can take to improve the quality.

Don't use personal wireless routers.

Secondary wireless routers include WiFi printers and cell phone hotspots. They cause interference with IUP's wireless network, causing issues connecting to it and slowing down its speed.

Anybody using a wireless router of any sort will be asked to remove the device from IUP's network.

Disable the network created by a wireless printer.

Wireless printers have the same effects as wireless routers and cause significant interference with IUP's network.

Instead, you can connect your computer to the printer with a USB cable. You can disable your printer's wireless printing feature. For information on how to do this, look on the manufacturer's website.

You can also utilize computer lab printers located in your dorm building.

Limit the use of other devices that interfere with the wireless network.

Wireless printers, game console controllers, and bluetooth-enabled devices such as speakers, mice, keyboards, and headsets can interfere with IUP's network.

IUP's network does not support many personal devices such as Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, Google Chromecast, or Google Home.

When possible, use a wired connection with your device.

To ensure the best experience with IUP's network, use an Ethernet connection. Ethernet connections provide faster speeds than wireless and are more reliable. They can be purchased from the Co-Op Store.

All dorm rooms have an Ethernet port in the wall where you can plug in your device and connect to the network.