Understanding Roles on Campus

The following guidelines are to help the student choose the right academic courses/program and to ensure we are all on the same page to provide resources for student success.


  • Research courses/modules at anticipated site(s)
  • Know what courses they need to take at IUP
  • Bring all information to IUP academic advisor
  • Complete Pre-Approval Form
  • Keep IUP academic advisor and Transfer Services informed of any changes in academics while on-site

Academic Advisor

  • Know what courses a student is permitted to substitute/transfer in for their major
  • Know what courses a student needs to make progress toward graduation
  • Discuss the education abroad program with advisee
  • Contact the OIE with any questions, concerns, or reservations about student success

OIE Education Abroad Team

  • Aid in finding resources for students to research courses/modules
  • Aid in finding resources for students to understand how many courses/modules to take and modes of delivery (VC, face to face, online, etc.)
  • Aid in finding resources for students to be aware of differences in teaching styles, grading, etc.
  • Receive host transcript, distribute copies to academic advisor, student, OIE, and original to Transfer Services to be posted and processed in Banner
  • Liaise between student/host/academic advisor/Transfer Services