Find below the information for academic advisors who have questions about Education Abroad at IUP.

My advisee has mentioned a desire to study abroad What should I do?

There are several items to consider and discuss with your advisee.

Identify the best term for your advisee to spend overseas. If possible, add this suggestion to academic plan road maps and/or curriculum check-sheets. Let your advisee know if there is more than one appropriate term to study abroad. There are programs available in summer, fall, spring, and winter terms.

Contact the IUP Study Abroad Office to find out if there are programs particularly well suited for students in your degree program.

Tell your advisee to check the IUP Studio Abroad website ( for application deadlines and other information.

Suggest that your advisee attend an Education Abroad information session (Wednesday Workshops). Every semester, check the website at Studio Abroad for details.

My advisee is applying to a study abroad program What am I responsible for?

Engage in an initial discussion of the study abroad program in question. Why has your advisee chosen this program? What degree requirements might this program help him/her to fulfill?

Although there is no formal academic advising form, you can suggest which courses are appropriate and let your advisee know if there is any that he/she is not allowed to take overseas. It is the student's responsibility to provide you with prospective courses and course descriptions.

My advisee is currently overseas What might he or she need?

Your advisee may make changes to his/her schedule after arriving at the host university and may ask for your advice on the changes. Remember to refer your advisees to the Education Abroad advisor in the OIE and the IUP Transfer Credit evaluator, who can then work with the student to establish an official course equivalency.

Your advisee may need your assistance in registering for the upcoming semester.

My advisee has returned from a study abroad program Now what?

It may take some time for your advisee's grades to post. If your advisee's grades have not been posted after a significant amount of time has passed, preventing you from effectively advising the student, you or your advisee should contact the Office of Transfer Services in G-27 Sutton (724-357-5553).

Encourage your advisee to visit the IUP Career and Professional Development Center for tips on updating a resume to reflect the skills learned though the unique experience of study abroad.