The Education Abroad process is designed that the student, faculty advisors, and the Education Abroad staff are able to assist students at a capacity that is most beneficial and efficient. Below is the process that students will participate in when they decide to engage in an Education Abroad experience.

  1. Visit the IUP StudioAbroad website
    Visit the IUP Studio Abroad website to research different programs in the areas that they would like to study in. Students can use the program search page on the Studio Abroad website, and may search different programs by multiple parameters.

  2. Attend a "Wednesday Workshop"
    To obtain further information about the study abroad process and the necessary requirements, the student should attend an Education Abroad-sponsored workshop. Commonly known as Wednesday Workshops, these information sessions will briefly give students an insight into the study abroad process and the opportunities available to them.

  3. Schedule a Meeting with the Education Abroad Advisor
    Schedule an appointment to meet with the Education Abroad advisor. The meeting set-up can be found in the IUP Studio Abroad website. In this meeting, the student will dive deeper into the information about their program.

  4. Completion of Required Documents
    After the initial meeting with the Education Abroad advisor, the student is to then apply to study abroad on Studio Abroad. At this point, there are several documents that the student is required to fill out and submit. These include an official IUP transcript, letters of recommendation, and others. A complete list of required documents will be available to the students on their page on Studio Abroad. Some forms require notarization. The free notarization services offered by the International Office are available at the times listed on the page.

  5. Required Interview
    Nearing the completion of the required documents, the student should request a meeting time with the Education Abroad advisor to complete the required interview. This interview is very informal, but is a necessary requirement for the student to complete.

  6. Attend the Pre-Departure Program
    Once completing all required steps to the study abroad process, the last requirement before leaving for their time abroad is attending the pre-departure meeting. This meeting is mandatory for all students who are studying abroad. Necessary and valuable information will be distributed about their specific country and travel.

  7. Leaving to Go Abroad, and While You are Abroad
    Once the student has gotten settled in at their new location, the Education Abroad Office asks that they update their current information page on Studio Abroad. By updating their information, the Education Abroad Office is able to reach them if needed with updated information.

  8. Returning to the United States
    Upon return to the United States, students will be invited to a re-entry event. This event is held at the beginning of the semester and provides students the opportunity to meet with other students who have traveled abroad and to share their experiences.