Faculty sabbatical leave documents for the 2022-23 academic year are available in PDF form through the links below. The Application for Sabbatical Leave form and Proposal Statement are to be filled out and submitted electronically as detailed in the instructions. Supporting materials are submitted either electronically as detailed in the instructions or in hard copy per the guidelines for sabbaticals.

Instructions for Filling out and Submitting Forms

  1. Read the Guidelines for Sabbatical Leaves.
  2. Save the Application for Sabbatical Leave form (it is recommended you save these forms to your H: drive. This will ensure that you have a private copy on a secured drive that is also backed up nightly).
  3. After the form is saved, fill the form out completely and submit via the MyIUP Sabbatical Leaves Files Submission utility under the Personal Information Link. More information on the process can be found on the IT Support Center Sabbatical Leave Files Submission web page.

Sabbatical Leave Documents

Guidelines for Sabbatical Leaves

Application for Sabbatical Leave