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Haven Administration

Dr. Jessica Miller, PhD

Jess has been working with the Haven Project since 2010 and the has been the director since 2016. She is also a psychologist in the Counseling Center and has been the chair of the department since 2017. She completed her undergraduate degree at Penn State University, majoring in psychology before going on to complete her master of arts and doctor of psychology degrees at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

The Haven Project is important to her because their mission is education, prevention, and advocacy. We stand to promote a culture at IUP that does not accept violence. But until we can stop every incident of sexual violence, then it is also important to give a voice to survivors and to assist them in continuing to be successful at IUP. She has been extremely fortunate to have worked with many passionate IUP students, and together—she knows we can make a difference.

Dr. Jennifer L. McCroskey

Jennifer is the sexual violence prevention educator for the Haven Project at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She is fortunate enough to work with a graduate assistant, peer educators, volunteer specialists, and volunteers to bring education and awareness to students, faculty, and staff on the topics of sexual violence, domestic/dating violence, bystander intervention (Green Dot), healthy relationships, consent, and stalking.

Prior to the sexual violence prevention educator position, she held the position of prevention specialist along with the Armstrong-Indiana Drug Free Communities project coordinator, student assistant program prevention liaison, and Narcan coordinator for seven years through the Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission. She has also worked for four years as a long-term and daily substitute teacher in local elementary schools. In 2007, she obtained her bachelor of arts degree in elementary education, with a minor in educational psychology and a reading concentration, from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

She is excited to work for the Haven Project to continue to make an impact on our campus through education, awareness campaigns, and providing resources and support for victims and survivors of sexual violence.

Mrs. Pamela Faris

Pamela Faris is a 1993 graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She began working at IUP in 2009 in the Postal Services Department and moved to the Haven Project in August 2019. Pamela enjoys working alongside the Sexual Violence Prevention educator, peer educators, and volunteer specialists to support them in Haven’s mission and to stand with them as they work to create a safer campus and community.

Graduate Assistant

Miss Chloe DePaola

“My name is Chloe DePaola and I’m the graduate assistant for the Haven Project. I wanted to join this department in order to educate our students on salient topics that are relatable to everyone. It’s imperative that we speak out against domestic and sexual violence and convey support to victims on our campus. I hope to be a part of making our campus a safer place and actively show that any type of violence will not be tolerated.

“I am a second-year graduate student in the Clinical Psychology doctoral program. I hope to become a licensed clinical psychologist. My hobbies include reading, hiking, and being an active member of my church.”

Interns and Practicum Students

Leo Buck

Haven Peer Educators

Andrew Booth

Drew is a junior marketing and economics major and a recent addition to the Haven Project staff. His involvement around campus extends to working at the School of Graduate Studies and Research as well as partnering in organizations such as the American Marketing Association. He joined the Haven Project to take initiative in the fight against sexual violence at IUP. He holds education along with bystander intervention together as the two cornerstones of culture change and hope to see IUP blossom into a safe space for all. Along with events like RAINN Day and Take Back the Night, he values educating his peers on toxic masculinity, bystander intervention, and healthy relationships. If he is needed, you can always find him with his head in a Stephen King novel with a large cup of coffee in hand.

Adrianna Branin

Adrianna is a political science and religious studies major and will graduate in 2021. They have worked at the Haven Project for four years as a peer educator. They love Haven because it’s a great way to get involved in their community and create a safer space for vulnerable members of their university. Educating students on the reality of sexual violence is an extremely difficult and rewarding endeavor that they are continually thankful to be involved in. After college, they plan on working in foreign relations, specifically with marginalized or oppressed groups in developing countries. They know that working at the Haven Project has given them the skills to communicate and assist undervalued populations in a variety of fields. They hope anyone interested in this type of activism goes out of their way to contribute to the Haven Project as well.

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Volunteer Specialists

Matthew Carns
Jessica Poley
Nash Peters
Aliana Badoo