Become a Volunteer

If you have a passion for advocacy, consider volunteering for the Haven Project!

Attend a monthly content-specific volunteer training (sexual violence, domestic/dating violence, consent, healthy relationships, bystander interventions, etc.) and assist with tabling for that month's topic. Trainings are typically held in Suites on Maple East in room G60. Trainings are offered on different days of the week to allow for changing schedules and participation. You can email if you are interested in becoming a volunteer. You will be added to the volunteer list, and you will receive information about upcoming opportunities.

Volunteers will be trained on the specific topic for that month and are never to be left alone at the information table (a peer educator, a graduate assistant, or a volunteer specialist will be with you). Volunteers can also assist with photography at different events, along with distributing materials, hanging up information, chalking, and other tasks as needed.

Become a Volunteer Specialist

If you are interested in becoming more than a volunteer, inquire about becoming a volunteer specialist. Volunteer specialists are students that have been involved and are called upon to help with tabling, assist at events, or even present Haven Project materials.

Requirements to become a Volunteer Specialist

  • Must be trained in all of Haven's topics (is coordinated with the graduate assistant once approved)
  • Must attend at least one peer meeting a month
  • Must be comfortable to do various tasks, such as presenting material to various groups (large and small), assisting in creating content, assisting with tabling events, and helping with other activities

You can email to discuss interest in becoming a volunteer specialist.

Become a Peer Educator

The Haven Project functions with the help of its peer educators. This is a paid position. The peer educators are IUP students from various backgrounds and majors. They are trained to organize, create, and present educational programs and campaigns that help raise awareness around the IUP campus.

Requirements for a Peer Educator position

  • Must interview and be approved by the Haven Project director and Sexual Violence Prevention educator
  • Must be hired through Hire a Hawk and complete the required NEOGOV paperwork
  • Must be comfortable completing all required tasks, such as presenting to groups and organizations, creating content for presentations, creating marketing materials such as handbills and flyers, leading activities and discussions, tabling events, comfortable using social media, and assisting with other office tasks
  • Must attend weekly peer meetings (date and times change based on availability of peer educators each semester)

Please email for availability and for more information. Hiring generally takes place in the spring for the upcoming year.

Graduate Assistant

The Haven Project hires a graduate assistant on a yearly basis to work with the Sexual Violence Prevention educator and to supervise the peer educators and volunteer specialists. It is a 20-hour-a-week position, and the contract is for a one-year term. A graduate assistant for the Haven Project is tasked with the following responsibilities:

  • Position prepares you to work with and supervise undergraduate college students
  • Develops supervisory skills as you plan and organize semesters of programming, awareness campaigns, and presentations
  • Develop and hone your presentation skills as you present to both small and large groups (can be upwards of 400 people)
  • Be a part of planning, coordinating, and executing one of the largest events on the IUP campus: Take Back the Night March and Speak Out
  • Involvement with both Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, as well as numerous departments and groups on campus, such as Office of International Education, Greek Life, Athletics, University Police, Title IX Office, Center for Multicultural Leadership and Engagement, Office of Social Equity, ROTC, WIUP, and Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining, among others. Become well connected on the IUP campus
  • Involvement with off-campus organizations such as the Alice Paul House and the Indiana County Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Task Force
  • Work with and collaborate with the Haven Project staff, which includes the director, the Sexual Violence Prevention educator, the secretary, peer educators, volunteer specialists, and volunteers
  • Become educated on and learn more about the Haven Project's content areas, including sexual violence, domestic/dating violence, consent, healthy/unhealthy/abusive relationships, stalking, human trafficking, and the Green Dot Bystander Intervention Program
  • Create content for programming, awareness campaigns, and presentations on the Haven Project's topic areas

Hiring for a graduate assistant occurs in the spring for the following year. Please contact to discuss becoming a graduate assistant for the Haven Project.

Internships and Practicums

The Haven Project offers opportunities such as internships and practicums for students whose program require these for graduation. They may consist of website work, assisting with Haven Project events and activities (such as Take Back the Night or RAINN Day), assisting with the Green Dot program or the Green Dot Student Organization, or other ideas discussed with the Haven Project director and Sexual Violence Prevention educator.

The Haven Project has worked with students in many programs, such as Student Affairs in Higher Education, Criminology, Psychology, Community Health Education, Sociology, and Physics.

Please contact to inquire about an internship/practicum and to set up a meeting.