What's Your Green Dot?

Not Green Dot trained yet? All students are invited to attend this training to learn how to make IUP safer, one Green Dot at a time.

It's On Us With Phi Delta Theta

Attention all IUP fraternity brothers! You are invited to join the conversation on sexual assault prevention.

The Haven Project Presents: Clips and Commuters

Calling all commuters! This online presentation is designed to reach students who live off campus, but anyone is welcome to join.

Let's Play Kahoot

Join us for fun and prizes with a game of Kahoot.


It's On Us Volunteer Training

Join the Haven Project to learn about the It's On Us Campaign. Attendees are eligible to volunteer for November events. Together, we can change the culture on campus surrounding sexual assault.

Green Dot Training: All Students Welcome

Join the Haven Project and Theta Phi Alpha to learn all about Green Dot.

Swipe Right on Consent

Attention IUP fraternity brothers! Join the discussion on topics like consent, hookup culture, and toxic masculinity.


Recognizing Partner Violence

The Haven Project and Sigma Kappa invite you to a presentation on intimate partner violence in college.

Healthy Relationships Presentation

Join the Haven Project and Society for Human Resource Management for a presentation on healthy relationships.

Silent Witnesses on Display for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Stop by the display to honor the stories of those who were killed by domestic violence. We must commit to be their voices now that they can no longer speak for themselves.

Green Dot Training: All Students Welcome

Join the Haven Project for training in the Green Dot Bystander Intervention Program. Together we can make IUP a safer place for everyone!

Volunteer Training: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Join the Haven Project to learn the signs of domestic violence and what to do if you or someone close to you is affected. Volunteer for events in October which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

RAINN Day 2023

The Haven Project, University College, and Alice Paul House invite you to the Oak Grove to view the umbrella display and show that you are an ally in the fight against sexual violence.

You’re Invited to Chalk the Walk for RAINN Day

Join the Haven Project to create a visual display across the Oak Grove in preparation for RAINN Day 2023.

Umbrella Making Workshop for RAINN Day 2023

You and your group or organization can join the Haven Project to create umbrellas in preparation for IUP RAINN Day.

RAINN Day Volunteer Training

Join the Haven Project to find out how you can make a positive change regarding sexual violence on our campus.


Green Dot Training for Employees

Attention IUP faculty, staff, coaches, and administrators, this training is geared toward you.

Denim Day

Decorate denim to show your support for survivors of sexual assault.

Green Dot Trainings Offered in April

It's not too late to get trained in Green Dot. Help promote Green Dots all across campus.

Violence Prevention and Resource Group: We Want to Hear from You

Attention students, we want to hear from YOU! Register through April 21.

“What Were You Wearing?” Exhibit Dismantles the Myth Around Clothing and Sexual Assault

Come and view this powerful display dedicated to dispelling the myth that survivors provoke their assault based on how they were dressed.


Sign-Making Event for Take Back the Night

Stop by and make your sign for the Take Back the Night march.

Green Dot Yard Games

Join us for an afternoon of games, giveaways, and Green Dot.

Take Back the Night 2023

Mark your calendar. The Take Back the Night traditional March and Speak Out is back. Check out the schedule of events.

Green Dot Training (Virtual)

Learn to be an active bystander and develop the awareness, skills, and confidence to intervene in a situation when another person needs help.

Six O’Clock Series: “Behind the Post”

Join us to view One Love's short film "Behind the Post," and join the discussion around digital consent and social media.

Volunteer Training: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Volunteer with the Haven Project in April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Green Dot Training for Students

Learn all about Green Dot. If you do your small part, we can make a big difference.

Clothesline Project: T-Shirt Making Workshops for Victims and Survivors

Victims and survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, and gender-based violence are invited to come and design a shirt, all of which will be anonymously displayed as part of Take Back the Night 2023 to raise awareness and show support for people who have experienced these crimes.

Survivor Stories Needed for “What Were You Wearing?” Exhibit

The Haven Project is gathering survivor stories to be used in the "What Were You Wearing?" exhibit. The exhibit will be on display in April for Sexual Violence Awareness Month.


Black Love Stories

Join Ubora Men of IUP, MCSLE, and the Haven Project for an evening celebrating Black love on IUP’s campus.

Kahoot Trivia Night - Relationships Edition

Join us for an evening of trivia and fun.

Green Dot Volunteer Training

Join the Haven Project to learn all about the Green Dot Bystander Intervention Program. Help us promote Green Dots and make our campus safer for everyone.

Green Dot Training With SHRM

The Haven Project and SHRM invite you to learn how you can be an active voice and step in when somebody needs it the most. What's your Green Dot?


Healthy Relationships Volunteer Training

The Haven Project invites you to attend training and be a volunteer in February.