Welcome to the Haven Project

  • We are the department on campus that assists students with the issues of sexual violence, domestic/dating violence, and stalking. 

  • Content warning: This video contains stories of sexual assaults that may be triggering. Please be aware before viewing.

  • We are in collaboration with University Police, the Pennsylvania State Police, Indiana Borough Police, the Alice Paul House, and the Counseling Center.

    We support victims and survivors by providing confidential counseling, and information on resources, accommodations, and reporting options.

    We educate the campus community on these issues by providing educational programming and awareness campaigns and events.

    We provide volunteer opportunities, internships, and practicums for students to partner with us.

    Our mission is to make our campus safer. We aspire to change our campus culture one green dot at a time using the Green Dot Bystander Intervention Program. We want everyone at IUP to know that violence is not accepted and that it is everyone’s responsibility to do something about it.

    We believe that It’s On Us, all of us, to make our campus safer.

    Three-Time Winner of Governor Wolf’s It’s On Us Grant!

  • It's On Us: Indiana University of Pennsylvania (wordmark)