Reduce or Decline Aid

Reducing or declining aid you don't need can reduce the amount you'll have to pay back later.

Reducing or Declining Federal Direct Loans

If you wish to reduce or decline your Federal Direct Loans, you can do so by logging in to MyIUP and viewing your current offer on the Finances page. You must use your IUP network username and password to log in to MyIUP.

You have until September to decline or reduce your loan for the academic year using MyIUP. After this date, you can still make an adjustment by completing the Financial Aid Adjustment Form and returning it to the Financial Aid Office in Clark Hall. (See the contact information below).

If you need to cancel or reduce aid for a specific term, you should email the Financial Aid Office with the following information:

  • Name
  • Banner ID
  • Term you are canceling/reducing
  • Type of aid
  • Amount you'd like it reduced to (if reducing)

Reducing or Declining Federal Work-Study Funds

The Federal Work-Study Program enables you to work on campus and in some community agencies. If your aid offer indicates that you are eligible for Federal Work-Study, you'll need to seek employment and find a work-study job or eligible community job to get these funds. Many campus jobs require Federal Work-Study. Visit IUP's Student Employment page to find job opportunities.

If you do not wish to find a job through the program or want to reduce the amount awarded, please indicate that on your electronic financial aid offer in MyIUP by September, or send an email to to make that adjustment on your aid package.