Research Academy LogoThe Douglass Research Academy is designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn about the nature of university research and how research expands the undergraduate experience. Students will meet with research faculty and work with a cohort of other students, while exploring research topics that are relevant.

Possible Academy Topics:

  • Who Needs Research? (Learn about current research in your field of interest)

  • How to Craft a Research Question

  • Research is What We Do workshop

  • Identifying Faculty Mentors

  • Writing a Research Proposal

  • Preparing a Poster or Oral Conference Presentation

  • Learning about undergrad research opportunities at IUP

Participating in undergraduate research will expand your college experience.

As a Douglass Research Scholar, You Will:

  • Learn about the nature of university research and how research expands your undergraduate experience

  • Meet with research faculty and other students active in research

  • Explore research opportunities available to undergraduate students

Research is more than a paper you write for English 202!

Research is a process of careful inquiry leading to the discovery of new information. Although there are some differences in how research is conducted across disciplines, research is not restricted to only some majors. It occurs in all programs, most professions and industries, and fuels government and social policy.