Roger Briscoe II

Roger Briscoe II is from Indiana, Pennsylvania. He is a doctoral candidate in the Administration and Leadership Studies program in Professional Studies in Education. The focus of his research is "Improvement of mental health through physical activity to advance academic performance in second year college students." Roger is passionate about teaching students and helping them grow mentally, physically, and socially and is looking forward to becoming a full-time professor after graduation. Roger is the faculty lead for the FDI scholars "Each One, Reach One," a program set up to have promising scholar participate in service learning around the campus and community. He is also a part of the Diversity and Inclusion Standing Committee, teaches Fulbright DAI educational technology, and is a personal trainer on the side.

Joel J. Brown

Joel J. Brown is from Wilmington, Delaware, and is a doctoral candidate in the IUP Counselor Education and Supervision program. The predominate focus of his scholarship surrounds multiculturalism, diversity, and cross-racial/cultural counseling/supervision relationships. Joel is passionate about counselor education and professional counseling. As such, he currently teaches in IUP's Counseling Department as an adjunct faculty member, works as a licensed professional counselor in a group practice, and supports broad professional counseling efforts with his service in professional counseling associations.

Joel's current work with the Frederick Douglass Institute includes his roles with the FDI Research Academy, as healongside a faculty mentor and undergraduate studentsconducts relevant research related to social justice and equity. After completing his dissertation, titled "African American Counseling Students Interactions with Counseling Faculty," Joel aspires to continue his work in counselor education and supervision, promoting and advancing multiculturalism, equity, and diversity in counseling research, teaching, practice, and supervision.