Frederick Douglass Institute Mentoring Opportunities for New Faculty

  • The transition to a new university is exciting, but can also be challenging. Among the things foremost in the minds of most newer faculty are questions like:

    • What processes do I use to get things done related to my teaching responsibilities? (copying, ordering books, setting up labs and practicums, having packets made, etc.)
    • What support is available for my scholarly endeavors? (funding sources for conference participation and artistic endeavors, individual and collaborative research, grant development, etc.)
    • What are the norms and expectations of the students I will teach?
    • What carries the most weight as I look toward the tenure and promotion process? How should I balance my time to maximize success?
    • What housing options, health care providers, social outlets, etc. are in and around my new community? 

    These questions and more can be explored with colleagues and mentors who are willing to be part of your support network. But even this part of one’s transition to a new university can sometimes be difficult. How does one enlist a more senior colleague to be a mentor?

    Recognizing that identifying possible mentors is challenging when one is new to the university, IUP faculty have developed two mentoring programs to serve new colleagues!

    The Colleague Connection Program matches new faculty who request a “Colleague Connection” with tenure-track faculty members who can provide information about making the transition to IUP.

    IUP is committed to the success of new faculty joining the university! Click on the links above for more information on each of the programs.