Activities of the Institute for Cyber Security

  • Cyber Security Day

    Each year, the Institute for Cyber Security, in collaboration with the Mathematical and Computer Sciences Department and IT Support Services, hosts Cyber Security Day. This daylong event features nationally recognized security experts as well as speakers from regional law enforcement, government, security industry, and academia. Cyber Security Day is open to the public, community colleges, and neighboring universities. 

    National Cyber Security Awareness Month

    The Institute for Cyber Security and IUP IT Support Services is proud to support National Cyber Security Awareness Month, celebrated in October each year. Let’s all get involved and do our part to make the internet safe and secure for everyone. Watch for security tips from IT Support Services and join in the competition.

    Cyber Security Club

    The Cyber Security Club is a student-led campus organization that promotes cybersecurity on campus. The club meets bi-weekly during the regular semesters to present on the latest topics in cybersecurity. Presentations from past meetings are available online.

    Summer Camps and Workshops for Students

    IUP holds summer camps for high school students on a wide range of subjects from science to humanities. The Institute for Cyber Security is pleased to be involved to promote cybersecurity and information assurance awareness. Furthermore, the Institute is activate in promoting opportunities for students to attend cybersecurity workshops at local and national events. 

    Past Activities

    Roundtable Discussions on National Cyber Security Issues

    The Political Science Department, in collaboration with the Institute for Cyber Security, hosted round-table discussions with security experts from universities and industry to discuss national cybersecurity issues. These resulted in a letter to the US Congress, publications, and support from IBM. These round-table discussions were streamed to classrooms, where students could observe and ask questions.