Central Stores Services

  • Value-Added Services for our Campus Customers

    The Central Stores Services Group is here to serve our university customers. Central Stores is responsible primarily for the receiving, storage, and distribution of maintenance, repair, and operations products to service the trades. Ancillary to these responsibilities are office products to support campus clerical and printing services. Similar value-added services, such as disposition of surplus, recycling, and asset and file storage, are provided to better serve our campus customers.

    Here is a partial list of Central Stores responsibilities: 

    Alternative Delivery, Pickup and Receiving Services

    Shipping and Receiving covers inaccessible areas for non-IUP vehicles for all incoming and outgoing delivery needs.

    Confidential File Storage

    Secure file storage area for highly confidential documents.

    Counter Service

    The Central Storeroom provides a complete counter service for all campus customer needs. This includes, but is not limited to, storeroom material order and pickup, shipping and receiving services such as incoming and outgoing packages, immediate access to storage areas, etc.

    Custodial Jobber Service

    Continuous service of processing reservations, goods issues, and deliveries for custodial materials.

    Energy Management

    Identify and report energy management inefficiencies observed while completing daily tasks. Monthly reading of meters and reporting to energy manager.

    Events Storage

    Generalized storage of tables, chairs, stanchions, risers, stages, etc. for all university events.

    Export Control: ECCN Documentation

    Please refer to Procurement Services Policies for detailed ECCN Information. The Central Storeroom role in this processed is detailed in the Export Control procedure set in place in association with Procurement Services.

    File Storage

    This is IUP’s boxed storage and records management. If you have inactive files, we will retain your files. They will receive unique identification to allow for tracking, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and accountability at each point of movement. More about file storage

    Fixed Assets

    Transfer of assets and justification information. More about fixed assets

    Hot Shot Delivery Service

    On-demand deliveries made on and off campus provided by the Hot Shot driver. Call the storeroom directly at 357-2718 to make proper arrangements. Hot Shot delivery service

    Inventory Control and Fixed Asset Management

    Creation of Fixed Asset Shells and assignment of tracking numbers, inventory upon receipt to campus, on-site inventories, yearly inventory reports and tracking, write-off, and disposals.

    Material Information

    Now you can have online access to Central Stores materials information that previously would have been unattainable, including a step-by-step guide to SAP software that allows you to pull reports in real time. More about material information

    Museum Storage and Transportation

    Designated areas have been provided for storage of museum-owned pieces, as well as an on-demand transport service of such pieces.

    Presidential Inventory and Storage

    A complete inventory of all items owned by the university and located at the Official Residence, Sutton Suite, President’s Office, and storage areas within Robertshaw. 

    Print Center Supply Support

    Maintain paper stock, process goods issues, and deliver print center papers on demand as needed.

    Project Storage, tracking and delivery

    A convenient storage solution to store university projects and associated materials. More about project storage

    Reservation of Materials

    Creating and changing reservations, materials list and materials history, delivery confirmation, and returns. More about reservation of materials

    Satellite Campus Delivery Support

    Weekly and on-demand delivery needs for Punxsutawney, Northpointe, and Pittsburgh East branch campuses. For delivery information to the satellite campuses, please contact the Central Storeroom at 357-2718.

    Seasonal and On-Demand as Needed Storage

    Storage for all seasonal furniture and equipment used by various campus areas such as the Official University Residence, Sutton Hall, and Athletics.

    Shipping and Receiving

    Services such as international shipping, UPS, Federal Express, and LTL. Learn how to check the delivery confirmation in SAP, how to handle PCard deliveries, and more. More about shipping and receiving

    Shredding Materials: Documents

    From the day a document is created, it will have a finite life. At some point that document will probably cease to exist. Long gone are the days where sensitive and confidential documents can just be put in the trash can. More about shredding materials

    Shredding Materials: Hard Drives

    A hard drive shredder is now provided for the protection of your data.  

    Storage for Major Campus Projects

    Provide storage areas for contractors (on an as needed basis) to for materials used for major university projects.

    Surplus and Reissue

    Surplus items that are usable can be reissued to another department of the university, and charitable organizations can register for recycled items. More about surplus and reissue

    Telecommunications Storage Area

    Storage of materials used by the university telecommunications area.

    Theater Storage

    Cataloged inventory of theater props and sets 

    Training and Support for the SAP Reservation process

    Customer service support for reservation input by campus customers.   

    For more information and details of our services, please visit the How To section of the Central Stores website.