About Central Stores


The Central Stores Services Group is here to serve our university customers. Central Stores is a core, value-added service to Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Through the use of computerization, automation, and just-in-time philosophies, our objective is to accentuate information flows to promote quality service and eliminate waste.

How we Serve Our Campus Customers:

  • Responding quickly to campus customer needs
  • Increasing value-added services
  • Reducing our university's operating costs
  • Reducing impediments to better service


  • To know and understand the interworkings of Central Stores and the university to further create operating efficiencies
  • To share that information to enhance operating processes, reduce errors, and provide increased and improved services at a reasonable cost to the university
  • To fully utilize computerization to apply information for planning future changes, measure and evaluate results, and monitor operations on a continuous basis
  • To maintain and deliver mission critical items in an expedient manner (fill rates and turnaround are key factors to customer satisfaction)
  • To use information on damage rates, vendor receiving discrepancy rates, storage fill rates, and Central Stores errors to provide insight for refinement (product descriptions as to dimensions, weight, cube and type of storage required, processing standards by function, storage fill rates, storage density factors, priority stocking assignment for products, and product velocity movement data are supportive information that must be transferred into increased proficiency)