Frequently Asked Questions about Central Stores

How do I return a material that I ordered incorrectly?

  • Call the Central Storeroom at 7-7568 to arrange to have the material returned to the storeroom for credit.
  • Be sure the goods issue material document number or reservation number is noted on either the delivery label or on a note attached to the material being returned.
  • The storeroom will make arrangements to have the material picked up and brought back to the storeroom.
  • You will need to enter a new reservation for the correct material.
  • See procedure sheet for Return to Storeroom for Reversal Credit.

I did not receive the material that I ordered. How do I get this corrected?

  • Call the Central Storeroom at 7-7568, make Central Stores personnel aware of the problem.
  • Have your reservation number or material document number ready to give the storeroom employee.
  • The storeroom will make arrangements to bring you the correct material and to have the incorrect material picked up and returned to the storeroom.
  • See procedure sheet for Return to Storeroom Received Incorrect Item.

An item that I ordered did not come. Is it on backorder?

  • Using the Display of a Reservation procedure, check to see if there is a in the FIs (Final Issue) column.
  • If there is no , the material is on backorder and you will receive it as soon as it arrives at the storeroom.

I just entered my reservation. Can I change a quantity?

  • Using the Change of a Reservation procedure, check to see if there is a in the FIs (Final Issue) column.
  • If there is no , then you can change the quantity of a material.

How do I find out the price of a material?

SAP transaction MM60 — See procedure sheet for Materials List.

How can I check my budget to see the total cost of my Central Storeroom order?

See procedure sheet for View Accounting Information for a Storeroom Reservation.

How can I check to see if my order has been delivered (to my office, print center, or other unloading point)?

See procedure sheet for Viewing Delivery Confirmation and Notes.

How do I enter a Central Storeroom reservation?

  • If you have never attended training and have never entered a Central Storeroom reservation, call the storeroom at 7-4074 to obtain assistance.
  • See procedure sheets for Reservation of a Material if you do not know material number and/or Reservation of a Material if you know the material number.

All I have is my reservation number. How do I find out when and if my order was delivered, budget information, or if an item is on backorder?

See procedure sheet for Search for Information Using a Reservation Number.

What is the Hot Shot Delivery Service, and how does it work?

The hot shot delivery service is an on-demand service provided by the storeroom for urgent on- and off-campus deliveries and pickups.

Contact Shipping and Receiving at x7-3015.

Am I able to pick up my Central Storeroom reservation order?

Yes. After you have entered your reservation, call the Central Storeroom at 7-7568. Give the reservation number and the approximate time you will come get your order.

Your order will be filled and ready for you to pick up at the Central Storeroom counter in the Robertshaw Building.

I am looking for used office furniture. How do I find out what is available in surplus?

Surplus properties continuously receives office furniture, equipment, and miscellaneous items from campus.

If you are interested in something specific, please call Inventory Control at 7-7569. Your request can be listed, and you will be notified when items arrive.

You may also email to make an appointment to browse the surplus area.

My delivery address on the smarttrack delivery address is incorrect. How can I get this fixed?

The smarttrack delivery address database is periodically updated. If your address on the delivery label is incorrect, please e-mail with your name, department, and department address.

The correction will be made in the smarttrack system during the next update. Until that time, the receiver will manually correct the address label.

It is also very important that unloading points on both Central Storeroom reservations and purchase requisitions be entered as Building, Room.

As an IUP employee, am I permitted to participate in the IUP Surplus Sale?

Yes, all employees (excluding those in Inventory Control) are permitted to view surplus sale items and place a sealed bid according to the regulations distributed during the sale viewing.

If you have any questions concerning the sale and its items, please contact Walt Gill at 7-7569 or

What is the process to dispose of university-owned textbooks?

University property must be disposed of through the surplus sale process managed by Procurement and Logistics Services. Unwanted university property, including instructional material, reference materials, complementary text books, etc., should be sent to Surplus for proper sale or disposal. As an alternative, complementary text books may be sent to the IUP Library for reference purposes.

A work order should be entered to have the books moved from the campus location to Surplus at Robertshaw.