If you know the Material SAP Number, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to SAPSAP logo
  2. MB21 Create (This is the Create a Reservation transaction)
  3. Select Enter
  4. Enter Date: Current date will be default; or, if the department is entering date, choose the date it would expect the material.
  5. Enter MovementType. Typically this will be 201 for a cost center purchase. There are other movement types available; you can locate these by clicking on the small window button next to the movement type block.
  6. Enter Plant (this will always be 40 for IUP)
    1. Note: The Movement Type and Plant number can be defaulted for your convenience.
  7. Select Enter
  8. Goods Recipient Enter who is placing the order (or what shop)
  9. TAB
  10. Cost Center Enter the cost center of the department (should be provided to you)
  11. Fund Enter the fund of the department. This should have been provided to you.
  12. Tab to Material Number (or you can place the cursor in this block)
  13. Enter Material Number
  14. Tab to Quantity
  15. Enter quantity you desire.
  16. Tab to Material Number. Continue these steps until all materials you seek have been entered properly.
  17. Select Enter, and a new screen will appear.

Note: You will need to do this for each item. Enter the Upload PT, select Enter until you return to the Create Screen.

Once all of the above is complete, select Save/Post at the top of the screen. Your document number will appear at the bottom of the screen.