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Mission of Organization

Future Business Leaders of America is a college-level business organization open to all majors. It brings business and education together through innovative leadership and career development programs.

IUP FBLA chapter members are involved in a wide variety of activities throughout the university and the Indiana community. Members are provided with the opportunity to gain state and national recognition by attending and competing in leadership conferences. We also focus on community service and networking.

How to Join

Contact IUP FBLA at fbla-officers@iup.edu.

Requirements of Members (Membership Fees, Attendance, etc.)

FBLA national and state dues are $25 for the entire year. Local chapter dues are $15 per semester or $30 per year.

Meeting Dates/Times/Locations

Check Crimson Connect for the schedule of meetings and events. 

Member Testimonials

"In FBLA, you gain endless networking opportunities and you can showcase your business knowledge throughout the organization and throughout the competitions FBLA holds. This gives you real-world application and prepares you for your future."
Andrew Melhorn

"Lifetime friendships and a great notch on your resume."
Dan Fleming

"As a member of FBLA, I have been able to further develop my leadership skills through various officer and chairperson positions, network with students and business professionals across the state and country at leadership conferences, and compete at the state and national level in business topics directly related to my major! You belong to a national organization while helping out with local and state community service projects. I enjoy being a member of FBLA and will miss all the fun activities and opportunities after I graduate."
Amanda Weller

"My high school started a FBLA chapter when I was a junior in high school. After being involved for a while, I started hearing about the college group (PBL). I've been an active member in FBLA since I joined my freshmen year here at IUP."
Felicia Moore

"FBLA is one of the greatest organizations Eberly College offers. Being a part of FBLA, you have the opportunity to stand out. I have gained many leadership skills from being part of FBLA through conferences and competitions. My favorite part of FBLA is the activities, community service, and traveling!"
Maureen Field


Advisor Emily Briggs Emily.Briggs@iup.edu
President  Matthew Green M.Green2@iup.edu
Vice President Alden Miller A.N.Miller9@iup.edu
Secretary Jaianna Peterson J.Peterson4@iup.edu
Membership/Marketing Chair Skylar M Stepien S.M.Stepien@iup.edu