Mission of Organization

The mission of IUP’s Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association (IUP AMA) shall be to educate students about the opportunities available to them within the various facets of the marketing field. The organization will encourage networking between students, faculty, and business professionals. This will be enhanced through tours, guest speakers, networking events, competitions, and coordination with faculty.

How to Join

All students are welcome to join IUP AMA. To join, contact the president or vice president (info listed below). Information is regularly updated on our bulletin board in Eberly on the fourth floor outside the Marketing Department. Join us on Crimson Connect and Instagram to stay updated on upcoming meetings and events.

What to Expect

  • During the course of the year, AMA will provide you with a limitless amount of information on networking, leadership, and of course, marketing.
  • At AMA, you will find each meeting a little different than the last. We will bring in professional guest speakers, host events with other chapters, and host our own competitions with prizes.
  • Our goal is to make AMA a fun but professional atmosphere and give you profound insight into the marketing world.

Requirements of Members (Membership Fees, Attendance, etc.)

Membership dues of $54 (national AMA and IUP AMA) are good for one full year. To join the national AMA, visit AMA.org and click on Membership to join AMA for $29. The treasurer or president will provide information on how to pay IUP chapter dues.

Note: All collegiate chapter members must become members of the American Marketing Association national organization.


Role Name Email
President: Kira Wentz vmbcc@iup.edu
Vice-President: Madison Yamiga dzkbc@iup.edu
Secretary/Treasurer:  Alex Swan gdccc@iup.edu


Contact President Kira Wentz at vmbcc@iup.edu

Member Quotes about the Value of the Organization:

"AMA taught me what it meant to be a leader and develop the skills needed for my future. From networking with marketing professionals, to managing a team, to planning professional development trips, AMA allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and grow both individually and professionally."
Ashley Reynolds, former AMA president