Finance Major

Megan McFarling"During the three years I have been involved in the ROTC program, I have devoted hours upon hours to growing as a strong leader. With the education I have received in Eberly through my courses and the direction that the Cadre gives in the program, I am certain that I will make an impact during my years of service and, after that, when I am back in the civilian world working for businesses and corporations."

I grew up in a diverse city on the other side of the state called Hazelton. When deciding on which college to attend, a few factors came into play: cost, education, faculty, and distance away from home. Being independent and self-driven, I knew that an ideal college was one that was far away from "mom and pop." All of the criteria lead me to Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

I came to IUP as a Dietetics major. Midway through my freshman year, I changed to Accounting and a few months after that to Finance. The reason for the drastic change in major is all based around the fact that I want to work in hospitals. Being a Dietetics major, one works with the patients running tests; being a Finance major one would work in the office filling out paperwork. Realizing I would rather work in the business-like setting after spending a day job shadowing a dietician at my local hospital, I made the changeover and have not looked back since.

I am a contracted cadet for the U.S. Army. During my freshman year, I partook in Health and Wellness over at Pierce Hall, and in my sophomore year I made the leap and contracted. By doing this, I am agreeing to serve after college. I also agreed during the remainder of the college years to early morning physical training sessions at 6:00 a.m. five days a week, weekly leadership labs lasting three hours, an extra lecture class two days during the week, and mandatory field training exercises (FTXs) on the weekend. Also, between my junior and senior year I will be sent to Fort Lewis in Washington state for a month of assessment called LDAC.

The benefits I received from being a cadet are numerous. I am able to grow as a leader, increase my physical training, and know that I am a part of something bigger than myself. Recently, I applied for an internship at the Pentagon for marketing and finance. Without being a cadet, that option would never have been open to me. I am able to give back to the program by representing them whenever I am in uniform, that being walking around campus on lab days, off doing training this summer at Fort Lewis, or this past summer at Fort Benning for Airborne School.

You are only a college student for a short period of time. I knew I wanted to live all the experiences and enjoy it while I am here and actively immerse myself in the college atmosphere. That is why, during my sophomore year, I joined a sorority, Alpha Xi Delta. I also frequently partake in being a tour guide during open houses on the weekends, attend numerous Six O'Clock series events, and use the gym facilities and natatorium as often as possible. I want to know that when I graduate and sport my IUP sweatshirt that I knew my college inside and out and got the most out of it. These are the years that shape, mold, and matures students while educating them and preparing them for the real world.