Professor, Art Education

Robert W. Sweeny, PhD, is professor of Art Education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He completed his doctoral work at Pennsylvania State University, and his dissertation was titled "Net_Work_Ed: Simulated Bodies and Objects Intertwined in Cyberplaces and Art Educational Places (Threads of a Critical Digital Pedagogy)." He joined the IUP faculty in 2004. His research interests are primarily in the areas of digital technology in art education, digital visual culture, digital games, and mobile digital media. Dr. Sweeny is the author of Dysfunction and Decentralization in New Media Art Education (forthcoming), published by Intellect Press.

He is the editor of Inter/Actions/ Inter/Sections: Art Education in a Digital Visual Culture (2011), published by NAEA Press, and is currently senior editor of the Journal of the National Art Education Association. He has presented nationally and internationally at conferences centered around themes of art education, surveillance, digital media, and complex networks. He has published 16 book chapters and 15 research papers in peer reviewed journals such as Studies in Art Education, Visual Arts Research, Journal of the International Society of Education through Art, and Journal of Social Theory in Art Education. Dr. Sweeny currently serves on the editorial review boards of the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education and Surveillance and Society and is past editor of the Journal of Social Theory in Art Education.

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MFA from Maryland Institute
BS and PhD from Pennsylvania State University