Professor of Graphic Design and Illustration

Andrew Gillham has over 25 years of experience teaching graphic design and working as a professional artist in the commercial design field.

Gillham worked as a designer in Detroit prior to returning to graduate school, and has run his own freelance design business since 1988.

Gillham's work experience includes clients such as General Motors, Ford Motor Company, NAPA Auto, Air Force Special Operations Command, aerospace companies, and real estate firms, as well as a variety of other commercial and military clients.

The nature of this commercial work has included graphic design, illustration, web design, photography, and animation.

Gillham's teaching philosophy states that excellent graphic design instruction prepares students to be successful in the commercial arena. A careful balance is struck between focusing on software and principles of design, typography, and other critical aspects to the discipline. Students' experience with these core areas allow them to move beyond entry-level positions and become upwardly mobile in their chosen field.

MFA in Graphic Design, Michigan State University
BA in Studio Art, Albion College