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World-Class Academics

Maybe you already feel passionate about what you want to major in. Or maybe you're exploring your options. Either way, we respect where you are in your journey, and we have resources ready to help you move forward.

Not only will you have over 100 majors to choose from, but you'll also have at your fingertips opportunities to conduct research, study abroad, and attend conferences and internships. You can rely on career prep or even get a head start on graduate school to shorten your total time for both degrees.


Explore Our Majors

Every student’s journey at IUP is unique. Our students all have their own career goals, interests, hobbies, and skills. We want you to be able to pursue your passions here, too.

Use this search function to explore all of IUP’s more than 100 academic offerings. We’ve got tons of degree programs, minors, certificates, and honors tracks. Chances are good that if you want it, we have it.

Let’s Find a Major or Degree Program That Fits You

Choose one of the following ways to explore majors and degrees here at IUP.

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Put Research on Your Résumé

From kidney regeneration to public opinion on forest use, our students dig in. IUP professors bring students into the work they do—from discovering a new dinosaur species to recording new music albums, from finding ways to make coffee production more sustainable to finding and naming new species of salamanders, frogs, snakes, and lizards in Honduras.

Along the way, they’ll become your mentors as you apply what you learn to build your résumé.

And if that isn’t enough, opportunities for hands-on learning, internships, and study abroad are available to expand your horizons and help you explore new places.

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Personalized Resources and Attention

You’ll be more than just a number to us. The day you arrive, you will have people there to help guide you. One of those people is your Navigator, someone who will keep tabs on your progress and jump in if you need help. If you don’t, that’s fine, too. You’ll also have an academic advisor to help you stay on track to your degree.

Need to know how to get a parking permit for your car or when to register for classes? Find the answers at the Hawks Q&A Center, where our staff members will either know the answer or help you find it. 

Visit the National Achievement Scholarships Office. Talk to a counselor at the Center for Health and Well-Being. Everything we do is geared to help all Crimson Hawks reach their goals. 

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Estimate Your Tuition and Aid

The most common reason students shy away from going to college is the cost. But at IUP, we’re committed to making an education not just affordable, but also a great value.

As part of our commitment to affordability, we've frozen tuition for five years and housing costs for six years. We also reduced tuition by nearly 20 percent for undergraduate students in Pennsylvania in 2022 and for out-of-state students in 2023. IUP gives its students millions of dollars in scholarships every year, mostly funded by grateful alumni.

Follow the link below to estimate your cost to attend IUP, including tuition, fees, and room and board.

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Life at IUP

A lot more is happening at IUP than just classes. Clubs and organizations are meeting in the HUB. Intramural sports are being played in the field house. Community service is going on everywhere. Students are also working out in the HUB Fitness Center, hanging out in the Oak Grove, dancing in Elkin Hall, and learning about other cultures at International Unity Day.

All over campus, students of all races, religions, and identities are finding ways to unwind and get to know one another. It’s all happening here, and you’re welcome to join.

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Request More Info or Apply

Take the first steps to becoming an IUP student. Request more information or use our easy online application system. You won't need SAT or ACT scores, and you won't need to pay an application fee to get accepted and qualify for scholarships at IUP.

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You’re Admitted to IUP. What’s Next?

Congratulations, and welcome to the family! Learn about the next steps you should take to explore the campus, commit to IUP, join an Experience IUP admitted student day, pick your housing, and more.

Contact Us / Get in Touch

Call us at 724-357-2230 or fill out the easy online form. You can also reach out to an admissions counselor directly.

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