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a group of students stand together facing the camera in the oak groeAt the Cook Honors College,we believe an honors education should be about innovative, leading-edge thinking. Not higher pressure. We do things differently. We don't take tests in core classes. We debate the philosophy that underlies existence. We write together, read together, and exchange ideas in a thoughtful, connected way that is refreshingly open and scholarly.

You'll find opportunities herefor research, for expressing your talents, for personal growth, and for community service. We back you up with scholarships and an achievement fund that helps with the cost of internships and studying abroad.

From your first day here, you'll be part of our community of scholars, living in Whitmyre Hall and taking honors core classes in rooms filled with art.

Applying to Join Our Community of Scholars

As a Cook Honors College student, you'll begin the program in the fall semester.

Who is eligible to apply

  • Incoming freshmen
  • Current freshmen
  • Transfer students
  • International students

How to apply

  1. Check out the Cook Honors College Application FAQ before beginning your application.
  2. Submit the Application for IUP undergraduate admission. If you have not already submitted your application, you may use the online application or the downloadable PDF. On the application, make sure to complete the section indicating you are applying for the Cook Honors College.
  3. Submit the Cook Honors College Questions Supplement online. These questions are required for Honors College admission only and will be reviewed by the Cook Honors College staff.

What you'll need to submit when applying

  • IUP application
  • Cook Honors College Questions Supplement
  • Transcripts
  • SAT or ACT scores

When you will hear back from us

We will review your application to IUP first, then your application to the Cook Honors College.

You should hear from the Undergraduate Admissions Office about your acceptance to IUP about two weeks after you've submitted all the required items. You'll be notified of your admission to the Cook Honors College after learning about your university admission.

We're happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Cook Honors College

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