Frequently Asked Questions about Women's and Gender Studies

Why haven't I heard of Women's and Gender Studies?

Women's and Gender Studies is a relatively new interdisciplinary program of scholarship and teaching. Individuals in certain disciplines, such as English and history, are more likely to be introduced to Women's and Gender Studies. Students and faculty in the natural sciences and in business are less familiar with the program. We are committed to increasing course development in these areas and to advertising our program.

Does IUP have a major in Women's and Gender Studies?

No. We offer only a minor program of study.

Does IUP have a graduate program in Women's and Gender Studies?

There are several courses on women and gender offered within graduate programs at IUP. To date, there has been no coordination or cross listing of these courses. However, Women's and Gender Studies faculty are investigating the possibility of awarding certificates of advanced study in Women's and Gender Studies.

Can I do an internship in Women's and Gender Studies?

Yes. Women's and Gender Studies has received approval to award up to three credits for an internship within a student's major field of study to be credited toward the Women's and Gender Studies minor. Plans are underway to coordinate internships abroad.