1. Play individually or in groups. If you play in groups, you will want to play multiple games, or you may want to alternate questions between the groups.
  2. Start the game and click on the $100 question.
  3. Have the student give the answer to the question.
  4. Press Final Answer? and then click the appropriate answer box.
  5. If a student would like to use 50/50, phone a friend or ask the audience, click on the appropriate button. Then follow the slides.
  6. When the correct answer is selected, a new slide appears, click the word NEXT to move back to the main game board.
  7. As questions are answered correctly, the arrows will fill in and point to the next question amount. Click on the appropriate dollar value. The arrows will continue to color in until reaching the $1 Million point.
  8. The game is over when a question is missed or a player/team reaches the $1 Million mark.

Modification Suggestions:

  • Add a button to the Incorrect Answer slide to re-start or continue the game instead of pressing ESC to stop the game.
  • Add/change sound effects (i.e. phone).

Instructions for copying Who Wants to be a Millionaire file

Play Who Wants to be a Millionaire (Power Point)