1. Divide your class into two teams, Team X and Team O.
  2. Once you start the game, you will need to click through the introduction of characters until you reach the slide with all characters and a place off to the left to keep points for Team X and Team O.
  3. Flip a coin to determine which team goes first.
  4. The team picks a square.
  5. Click on the character in that square to see the question.
  6. Click again to see the answer given by that character.
  7. The team must agree or disagree with the answer the character has given.
  8. If the team is correct, they will get the square. If the team is wrong, their opponent will get the square.
  9. Click on the home button on the slide with the character answer.
  10. Click on the black box inside that square to type either X or O.
  11. Click on the black box under that teams "score" to add one.
  12. To win, the team either gets three in a row (across, vertical or diagonal) or has 5 squares.
  13. If Team X wins, click the box that says "x wins". If Team O wins, click the box that says "O wins".

Modification Suggestions:

  • To make students the stars of your game, you can take pictures of your class using a digital camera and insert their photos into the slide (replace the characters images).
  • Replace your character images and names with appropriate images reflecting your topic or subject matter (i.e. Mozart for a topic of music).
  • Insert sound files with your voice reading the question, change your voice to a character voice to answer the question.

Instructions for copying Hollywood Squares file

Play Hollywood Squares (PowerPoint)