1. Divide your class into two teams. You will need to designate one person on each team as the "clue giver". The “clue receiver” can be either a whole team or an individual member of the team.
  2. Have the team decide which category they would like.
  3. Click on the category to view the question.
  4. The “clue giver” will then need to look at the computer screen. It is important that the team or team member receiving does not view the screen.
  5. The “clue giver” or teacher will click once on the New Word button to receive a word and then gives clues (explanation) to the receiver, who guesses the word. The word or form of the word may not be used in the clue. (The “clue giver” will have 30 seconds to give clues.) The “clue giver” will continue until time runs out or all the words have been revealed.
  6. The team is awarded a point for each clue answered correctly. Click the SCORE button and add the total number of points to the appropriate team's score.
  7. The team with the most points gets to go to the Lightning Bonus round.
  8. In the bonus round, the "clue giver" is giving clues trying to get the receiver to state the categories given on the screen. (The clue giver will have 60 seconds to give clues.)

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