2023 Faculty Recognition Award Winners

Jonathan Warnock - Innovation
Sudipta Majumdar - Content Pedagogy
Dana Driscoll - Mentoring
Alexandra Krasova - Teaching Associate
Alfred Dahma and Timothy Flowers - OER
Andrea Palmiotto - OER
Marissa Sweeny - Experiential Education
Deborah Kane - Temporary Faculty

2022 Faculty Recognition Award Winners

Kelly Heider - Collaborative Practice
Crystal Machado - Collaborative Practice
Veronica Watson - Inclusive Excellence
Lingyan Yang - Inclusive Excellence
Michael Williamson - Heiges-Lamberski Experiential Education
Wanda Minnick - Mentoring
Sanda Maicaneanu - Content Pedagogy
Jennifer Gossett - Content Pedagogy

2021 Faculty Recognition Award Winners

Kalani Palmer - Academic Advising
Melanie Holm - Innovation
Sarah Everett - Teaching Associate
Taylor Jones - Teaching Associate

2020 Faculty Recognition Award Winners

Rachel DeSoto-Jackson - Innovation
Anthony Perillo - Academic Advising and Mentoring
Avijita Jain - Content Pedagogy
Elaine Little - Living Learning 
John A. Lewis - Academic Advising and Mentoring 
Shijuan Liu - Content Pedagogy
Wenqi Cui - Teaching Associate 

2019 Faculty Recognition Award Winners

Mimi Benjamin - Content Pedagogy
Dana Driscoll - Content Pedagogy
Mary Stewart - Instructional Technology
Rodney Taylor - Teaching Associate

2018 Faculty Recognition Award Winners

Theresa McDevitt - Living-Learning
John Lipinski - Innovation
Christina Huhn - Teaching of Writing
Sudipta Majumdar - Content Pedagogy
Jonathan Warnock - Innovation
Jaeyong Choi - Teaching Associate

2017 Faculty Recognition Award Winners

Todd Thompson - Content Pedagogy
Kaitlin Tonti - Content Pedagogy
Marissa McKinley - Teaching Writing
Yao Fu - Teaching Associate
Stephanie Keppich - Experiential Education
Pao Ying Hsiao - Collaborative Practice
Nicole Clark - Collaborative Practice
Johanna Boothby - Collaborative Practice
Justin Fair - Collaborative Practice
Anne Kondo - Collaborative Practice
Robert Major - Collaborative Practice
Theresa Ruffner - Collaborative Practice
Kim Anderson - Advising

For Archived Award Information

If you are looking for award recipients before the years listed, please contact teaching-excellence@iup.edu for archived award information.