How to Identify and Confront a Student at Risk

With the freedom of college may come experimentation with alcohol and other drugs. Learn the signs of abuse and steps for intervention.

How Faculty Can Help

  • Because of your frequent interaction with the students, you may recognize that they are having problems. You have the ability and opportunity to offer assistance to the students. This simple gesture may be all it takes for the student to seek help. Find more information on how to confront a student at risk.
  • Find ideas on ways you can support prevention efforts and assist students in evaluating their beliefs.
  • Curriculum infusion is the process of integrating alcohol prevention content into courses across the curriculum. By integrating alcohol education in many disciplines, students can be challenged to evaluate their beliefs about alcohol use and assess their use habits.

How to Enroll in the Alcohol-Wise Program

Learn how to take part in this confidential on-line alcohol prevention program.